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December 10, 2020

Meeting the Moon - A Mindful Awareness Skytime Activity

In an earlier post, we connected to the importance of getting oureyes on the skies for promoting a sense of mindful comfort, steadied internal rhythms, and creating neural pathways that support a sense of expansive well-being.

I hope you have been having fun creating a daily routine for yourself, your littles, your family.  It’s always fun when the teens I am working with spontaneously send me a message showing me their skytime moment!  Seeing their connection to the external world grow and support their own resilience is super joyful for me.

For this post, let’s give some particular attention to the nighttime sky.

There’s just something especially magical about a sky that feels so deep that the stars appear in 3d, almost reachable.  For me, I can personally say that some of the most life altering, healing, and unforgettable moments of my life have happened under the light of the moon, with the stars cheering me on.

Stargazing offers a special kind of mindful moment because of the added hush of the evening energies. Here, we reckon with shadows, embrace the cloak of softness and quiet, and make room for contemplating the bigger things of our consciousness and purpose.  Think back to a moment when you have looked into the boundless midnight blue, with shimmering light drops twinkling at you next to the selenite glow of the moon.  The night sky reveals the transparent infinity we seek, a sense of something more, a recognition of capacity.  Here we see an ascended depth, opening our imaginations and our sense of possibility and curiosity.   These are the hallmarks of a mindful moment, and readily engage the brain to build those gorgeous neural pathways we have talked about.

Now - about that sacred orb with a selenite glow?

Meet Mother Moon.  Ancient symbology has her presence connected to the rhythms of nature, guidance, energetic flow, and the natural and divine order of the Universe.  An ethereal source of light we can actually turn our eyes to, and be comforted by her daily appearances, her predictable phases, her constant presence.  Practicing Mindfulness with the Moon is a powerful elixir for emotional chaos, panicky senses, and lack of stability when the world around us is scary and uncertain.

In fact, the Moon has such an archetypal resonance that we continue to see her presence in music, lyrics, poetry, and artistry.  We humans are drawn to her, while remaining mystified and awed.  (More mindfulness qualities).  She has a symbolic placeholder in our consciousness, and it is from this that we can work with that energy to support a sense of calming, meaning-making and action taking based on her phases, and find opportunities for emotional recalibration.

We will talk more about working with the symbology of the Moon in upcoming posts, but for now, I invite you to either begin or deepen your relationship with this gift in the sky.  Renew your awareness of Mama Moon.  Try to sit with her each day, just for a moment.  Notice her phases.  See the sky extending into the Beyond.  Trust her steadiness.  Track what it is like to form a connection to this soothing orb of balancing light.  Write it down.  And see how your new friendship with her calms, opens, and soothes your weary soul.

Let me know how it goes.

With all the Light on this Night, 


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